On the Future of Hope

This is a thoughtful article on this tricky mental and heart space of hope.

The Pilot Light


By Douglas Dupler, Environmental Studies Professor 

Abstract: The concept of hope is rich in context, and working with it from different angles can enhance inner resources.  Framing hope as a process offers tools for sustainability educators: subjective exploration, empathy development, critical thinking, and civic engagement.

The Future of Hope

The poet Shelley, in the final stanza of his visionary work, Prometheus Unbound, wrote of hope and of actions to overcome defeat: “To suffer woes which hope thinks infinite…To hope, till hope creates from its own wreck the thing it contemplates.” Hope, in these lines, contains endurance and the transcendence of the failure of hope.

Perhaps we should be precautionary about hope, as it can be merely the idea of a future that has not yet occurred. Attaching a mental concept to the future can diminish or confuse the present moment and complicate the possibilities for both peace of mind…

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About Deborah Bowman

Deborah Bowman, Ph.D., is a psychologist, photographer, author and meditation instructor. She retired as professor after 28 years at Naropa University where she founded the Transpersonal Counseling Psychology Program and the Wilderness Therapy program. She is a certified Gestalt Therapist has served for 32 years as a psychotherapist in Boulder, CO. Buddhist practice and passion for Guanyin guided her travels in though out Asia. She is the author of several books including The Female Buddha: Discovering the Heart of Liberation and Love.

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