The Female Buddha Book


“The Female Buddha is beautiful and inspiring. The photos and the quotations both remind us of our own inner capacity for love and freedom.”

                       Sharon Salzberg, author of Lovingkindness  


“Now I am so grateful to Deborah Bowman for gathering a wealth of images of this female Buddha, and for pairing them with the wisdom of our human sisters on the Buddhist path.”

            Sandy Boucher, author of Discovering Kwan Yin                             


Girl in Buddha Pose

Within all of us is a Buddha, the awakened heart and mind.  Obscured by our conditioning, we fail to recognize her.  Central to conventional thinking is gender identity and the engrained, sexist ideas we place upon men and women.

The Female Buddha is here to shake up habituated notions and inspire possibilities.  Within her is the heart of a rebel, helping us to break the chains of our collective trance.   She frees us with clear seeing and a warm heart.  The Female Buddha is our own capacity for wisdom and unconditional love.

Drawing on Guanyin, the central female deity of East Asian Buddhism, photographer and writer, Deborah Bowman, brings us inspirational images to contemplate.  Paired with the wise words of 54 women teachers from the time of the Buddha to present day, this book is a celebration of beauty and truth.


“Deborah Bowman offers us a very practical, insightful and inspirational guide to cultivate wisdom and develop compassion.”

    Angeles Arrien, author of  The Second Half of Life