Mindful Life on the Nine Dragons: Vietnam

UntitledMindfulness enables us to cultivate a different quality of attention, one where we relate to what we see before us not just as an echo of the past or a foreshadowing of the future, but more as it is right now.  Here too we find the power of kindness because we can connect to things as they are.

Sharon Salzberg

The Mekong River divides into nine channels known as the Nine Dragons at the delta in Vietnam.  Life on the river must be attentive to detail as the river has many undercurrents and is constantly changing. Many people live on the boats they work on and appear relaxed yet ever aware of their environment.  Sharon’s words of wisdom reminds me of the attitude of attention we observed when we spent the day in a boat exploring one of the dragons of the Mekong in south Vietnam.



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