Extending our Attention creates Joy

Japanese Traditional Music

Japanese Traditional Music

When we extend attention and appreciation toward our environment and other people, our experience of joy gets even bigger.

 Pema Chodron

I took this photo last weekend at the Cherry Blossom Festival in Denver. I highly recommend this yearly event with musical performances, martial arts demonstrations and lots of great booths with kimonos, dolls and t-shirts with rich japanese paintings.


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2 thoughts on “Extending our Attention creates Joy

  1. Shamisen! I have heard about that musical instrument. It was one of the mandatory things to master if one wanted to be a geisha. How does it sound like? Do they still make the lower part drum-like part from cat skin?


  2. Hari – You always share such interesting things and know great facts. The instrument makes a beautiful sound, low and high notes, resonant notes westerners are not use to hearing. Don’t know about the cat skin!


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