The Monk and the Woman: Greatness is not related to Gender


Being a great human being is not related to gender, it depends on caring about the well-being of all our fellow sentient beings.

Wu Yin

This photo was taken in the amulet market in downtown Bangkok.  The monk is looking at a ring with an inscribed Buddha figure while a woman in the background looks on.  What a lucky shot with the purple and orange colors reiterating in their clothing and her hair.


Please read my latest article on Celebrating the Divine Feminine in elephant journal.

3dbuddha small_lzn

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About Deborah Bowman

Deborah Bowman, Ph.D., is a psychologist, photographer, author and Professor at Naropa University where she founded the Transpersonal Counseling Psychology Program and the Wilderness Therapy program. For 27 years she has worked as a Gestalt and Jungian psychotherapist Boulder, CO. Buddhist practice and passion for Guanyin guided her travels in Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, Korea, Japan, China, Myanmar and Cambodia. She is the author of The Luminous Buddha: Image and Word, When Your Spouse Comes Out: A Straight Mate’s Recovery Guide and soon to be published The Female Buddha: Discovering the Heart of Liberation and Love.

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