Tranquility and Insight in the New Year


Two things will lead you to supreme understanding. What are those two? Tranquility and insight.

If you develop tranquillity, what benefit can you expect? Your mind will develop. The benefit of a developed mind is that you are no longer a slave to your impulses.

If you develop insight, what benefit will it bring? You will find wisdom. and the point of developing wisdom is that it brings you freedom from the blindness of ignorance.

A mind held bound by unconsidered impulse and ignorance can never develop true understanding.  But by way of tranquillity and insight the mind will find freedom.

–  The Buddha

Pouring water over the Buddha’s body is an act of devotion and new beginnings.  At Shwedagon temple in Yangon my husband joins hundreds of worshippers in this ritual of purification and commitment to the Buddhist path of tranquility and wisdom.  The moment was serene and full of delight.

Often the practice of bathing the Buddha is done on the day celebrated for his birth, enlightenment and death.  Below a woman baths the baby Buddha at the Lotus Lantern Festival in Seoul.


Both these photos were taken on trips to collect images for my books, The Female Buddha (with quotes by women teachers) and The Luminous Buddha (with quotes by the Buddha).  Please click on these links to find out more!

Book image


2 thoughts on “Tranquility and Insight in the New Year

    • Kristyn, Thanks so much for your response. Yes, peace is something Buddhists aim to find between the cracks of all the chaos in the world. Often between breaths!
      Also I tried to go to your internet page but it didn’t lead to anything. Appreciatively, Deborah


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