Your Best Medicine: Self-care and a Hot Bath

Any recommended methods or medicines that enable us to strengthen body and mind can be seen as inseparable from the teachings and instructions of the Buddha.

— Khandro Rinpoche

What isn’t labeled “spiritual” in your life yet contributes to a deeper understanding of yourself and the world?  Share your quirky and/or best medicine for healing and wholeness. 


I’ve been writing every day this week on emotional topics and it’s time to get in some very hot water…and relax.  This is one of my favorite medicines for the Perls adage to “lose your mind and come to your senses.”

A really hot bath stops the mental chatter.  Thoughts don’t have a chance for the first several minutes of immersion.  I’m feeling heat on every square inch and delighting in the silence.  When the occasional thought starts to simmer up its movement is slow and dissipates like the steam.

My favorite time is after dark with the lights out and the window open to the cool night air. Citrus or lavender bath salts add pungency to the vapors and help anchor me in the sense realm.

If I enter jagged from a day of too much caffeine a good half hour in the water leaches out most of the poison.  The same goes for any generalized anxiety or frustration circulating in my veins.  If sadness bubbles up it’s easier to breathe through it.

I’m generally an idea person whose mind travels to the future.  Hot water puts a damper on the endless parade of possibilities.  If I stay long enough for the water to begin to cool I notice pandering to a little planning. It’s time to reach for the tap for another heat-inducing reverie.

A bath gives the blood flow in my hands and feet a boost on cold winter nights when my extremities will just not warm up.  Those nights I sleep a little better with the tension in my muscles and joints melted like cheese on a patty.

Taking the extra time for self-care can seem like an indulgence but it rights my world.  A bath or a walk in the woods provides alone time in a supportive, sensual environment. Digging weeds in the garden is a great alternative.

The simple pleasures of getting two hands in the dirt, feeling the swish of water or the tingling of snow are our birthright.  It’s the way I connect to the natural world both inside and out.

What is your best medicine?

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