August 12th Weekly Reads

(Photo credit: Deborah Bowman)

The Female Buddha’s Deborah Bowman was featured on Tiny Buddha this week and shared 6 Commitments To Maintain Momentum With New Projects

Commitment: Give up who you think you are. It’s the most compassionate gift you have to offer. Open yourself to multiple identities. Plunge into the bottomless well of possibilities.”

“No rain for 113 days; dark-blood and ash-gray skies acrid with smoke from wild land fires. I stood on the barren spine of the garden site with 25 Zen practitioners, neighbors, and friends, every moist molecule of ocean fog wicked out of me, plotting paradise at the fiery rim of the known gardening world.”


  • Empathy Over Email: Daniel Goleman talks about employing empathy with your email communication and how to be mindful of a “negativity bias” online.
  • Am I about to speak and act as the person I want to be? Allan Lokos shares his new book Pocket Peace with tools to reflect and connect to practice in everyday life.
  • The Female Buddha book project needs your help. Complete a quick, fun photo survey of the divine feminine & be eligible for free The Female Buddha book. Start here. Pick your favorites by August 31st! The top 5 photographs will be made into gorgeous cards. Thank you for joining us! 

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